Travelling by bike

You can also get around in Valenciennes by scooter or by bike !

Travelling by bike

You’ll find areas for cycling, specially intended for bike traffic in the heart of Valenciennes, in a variety of places:

  • Along the Scheldt, going from the Vignoble to the Valenciennes marina, Val’en Escaut.
  • Around the Stade du Hainaut (bike lanes)
  • Nungesser/Vosges area, equipped with cycle path/lane
  • Cycle path from the train station to Condé sur l’Escaut, following the tram route (Line T2 towards Le Boulon)
  • From the Rue Ernest Macarez - cycle path on both sides of the road - to Valenciennes station
  • Valenciennes town centre and the Boulevard Watteau (with Boulevard Pater coming shortly)

Bike parking

Just like a ‘cycling city’ such as Amsterdam, Valenciennes wishes to be in harmony with nature and be in step with the trend for so-called ‘soft’ eco-friendly journeys.
As part of this, our cyclist friends can leave their bikes in one of our 340 bike rack spaces equipped with hoops located at key points in the town.
Here’s a list of a few of them:

  • Avenue Albert 1er, opposite the ‘Bio c’est Bon !’ sign
  • Rue Jean-Bonmarche
  • Place de la Barre
  • Square Crasseau
  • Square de l’Ordron
  • Rue Marc Lefrancq
  • Place des Acacias
  • Jardin de la Rhônelle
  • Rue des Cents-Têtes
  • Boulevard Harpignies
  • Place Taffin
  • La Plaine neighbourhood – next to the community hall

When the weather is bad, you’ll also find 5 semi-covered shelters in the town centre available to you, 2 of which are at the station, 1 very close to the Hôtel de Ville (town hall), 1 at Place Verte, and 1 at Place du Canada

Bike Taxi

What could be better for the environment than using a bike taxi to get around ? Val’en vélo is a bike taxi service available for short journeys: call 06 17 82 69 63.

Get around on a scooter

Yes, scooters too - they’re in fashion right now!
They let you combine fast travel and the practicality of being a pedestrian at any moment.
When riding a scooter, you’re considered a pedestrian and can use the pavement with no trouble.

Furthermore, Valenciennes Tourisme & Congrès will shortly be setting up a scooter rental service to let you discover the urban riches of the town of Valenciennes nice and simply !

Finally, you can board any form of public transport with your scooter.