Bistronomique ,  Restaurant ,  Traditional cuisine at Onnaing

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  • An address for gourmets and gourmands! Direction the city center of Onnaing, not far from Valenciennes with for reference its church. What a beauty to graze this imposing neo-Gothic building! It would almost make you want to get married. Well, in any case no need to look any further, the restaurant is right next door (easy to find no?). A slate on the outside calls me, I read "Dish of the day Potjevleesch 12 €". Yum, interesting. My curiosity (and my hunger especially) pushes me to open the door. The curtains that surround me at the entrance are like the color of the wine. Speaking of wine, I come face to face with a dozen bottles carefully placed on a colored drum. Customers sitting in suits tie me. Joachim Lacquement, chef and manager, walks over to greet me and invites me to sit comfortably. At the bar and at the same time, Aurélie, his wife and Maria greet me with a big smile. I feel like at home, a certain conviviality is felt. I will like it. Surrounded by white orchids (the touch of Maria), I see, in front of me, a red brick wall reminding the existence of a café for 47 years that Joachim knew child with his father. A building bought at 27 (now 9 years) a "business" as he says. A new slate is proposed to me but this time much more fleshed out (no card Slate you will understand except for wines). Starters at 10 €, dishes at 18 €, desserts at 7 €. L'Ardoise is a "chic bistro" yes but no star and quite affordable! I love good meat, and their hearty burger tempts me well with homemade fries served in those black ceramic plates that I see around me. But Joachim advises me to taste the specialty of the house at this time: the "Little pig Slate". It's ideal for warming up. As a starter, I will take a home-made foie gras with a confit of duck and peas (I'm greedy you will understand) while leaving room for the dessert that seems exquisite with their fine pie of the day praline speculons ( the touch of the cousin pastry baker). But above all, I would like to have a good glass of wine and for that Joachim is his domain, he is "very stalled"! Maitre d'hôtel sommelier by profession and working several years for the official dinners in Matignon, he knows what he is talking about among his stock of 50 references of great wines selected with care (50 to 100 € per bottle) to accompany the dishes of meat or fish (that Joachim loves to work and cook too!). I'm being whispered that on the weekends, homemade fried mushrooms with fresh spinach butter are just as delicious as French fries. I am even invited to come back on Beaujolais Nouveau for the smoked charcuterie buffet and its baked potatoes. But I do not hide that I'm also looking forward to the arrival of sunny days to enjoy their large terrace (which taunts me) and I will return with colleagues. After all, I am surrounded by "business-man" tables and they are right to relax. We shout "Joachim, what I like about you is that we can come eat quickly with a good beer, have fun and invite customers to yours! Young careerist, versatile and loving challenges, Joachim also tailor-made for everything from taxi to come home, to the organization of your engagement or baptisms (the animation it also speaks to him with his many friends Robi, Gauthier and Mathieu from Cuba Bar and Place St Nicolas de Valenciennes). Virginie Bornier
  • Capacity
    • People :  45 place setting
    • Rooms :  2 Room
  • Spoken languages
    • English
    • fr*
  • Accepted customers
    • Individuals
    • Groups
  • Groups (Max capacity)
    • 35  Person(s)
  • Arrangement
    45 Places
    25 Terrace
  • Equipment
    • Parking nearby
  • Services
    • Wi-fi
  • Accessibility
    • Mobility impaired
Payment methods
  • Bank card
  • Cheque
  • Gift vouchers
  • Luncheon vouchers
  • Cash
  • Restaurant cheques
  • Rates
  • A la carte
    From 10 € to 20 €