Coyote Café (INFOS COVID)

Theme restaurant ,  South American cuisine at Valenciennes

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  • Ay, Caramba!

    Who does not know the Coyote Café in Valenciennes? In the lively street of Famars, we come to feast here with family and friends of typically Mexican specialties. "I discovered the concept more than 20 years ago during a trip to Sweden" explains Joffrey Dusol, always in a good mood and who first practices this business for the pleasure he takes to treat his customers and regulars. In this home of convivial cuisine and with a very family spirit, the decoration is a journey as such. Head of Spanish bulls, metal frames, sculptures, cactuses and sombreros (to go!), It's cheerful, colorful and we love the terrace and its big palm tree protector. No surprises in the plate, Mexico is in the spotlight! If like me you are not familiar with these flavors, opt for the Coyote Special, a tasty concentrate: "5 must-eat dishes on the same plate," says Joffrey. Chili con carne, pork ribs, crunchy chicken with 5 cereals, chorizo-cheddar quesadilla and beef fajitas! The menu offers a wide range of other specialties: burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, pork marinated and grilled with honey, or the famous Tequila beef brochette flambéed. And of course more traditional dishes of the day around a particularly attractive lunchtime formula at 12 € (dish, drink, coffee). For 2019, a new Spanish breath will blow on the restaurant with a new decor and a tapas bar. Olé!