Brasserie at Curgies

  • " At table !!! We would say to our children! It is precisely this cult replica of the series "Do not do this, do not do that" that inspired Jean, Sandrine's companion, for the name of the brand. Both of them already managers of La Chaumière in Saint-Saulve, they did not hesitate a second to take over in 2018 the torch of "Chez Maman" and formerly the former "Café du Garage" in Curgies. Give a new life to this address while retaining the authenticity and warm welcome of the place: successful bet for them. A pleasant gourmet stop halfway between Valenciennois and Avesnois that I invite you to discover ... For the oldest, the No. 1 rue de la Gare is an integral part of the Valenciennes landscape. It has become almost a real institution since 1971, I say! I will be even nostalgic about the existence for 33 years of "The coast to the bone" with "The Big Raymond"! It makes me smile. The atmosphere is already familiar to me without knowing it. Some regulars, smiling, meet around a small aperitif (or coffee) in the bar while dozens of tables fill up next. What a pleasant surprise to enter this refined and carefully decorated room of a duck blue and light wood. It feels good. It's warm. If you like the trend of Do It Yourself (DIY), Sandrine and Jean have hit the ground, floor to ceiling furniture. A shot of pep and modernity in these walls that wish to preserve the happy owners. Here, do not wait until we offer you a menu. No fuss in this brewery. It's Chloe, the waitress, who will bring you the slate of dishes and serve you while in the kitchen, it's Sandrine! We quickly discover that the specialty of the house is meat and from local slaughterhouses! Yes, it is an authentic address for "viandars". A dish of the day at € 12.50, some dishes around € 15 and always mainly accompanied by fries and salad. A plate in all simplicity but with a lot of generosity. In fine weather, enjoy the large salad or beef skewers, and in winter, warm up around good little stews like the Flemish Carbonnade. Mayor, a faithful of the places that you risk crossing, will slip in my ear "we are never disappointed here! So, let's trust him. Do not worry, Sandrine also adapts to your toddlers without worry. Adapted portions and high chairs, she thought of everything in her tavern. Do not leave without a dessert, it would be a shame. Among those written in chalk, some are very tempting like the chocolate mousse or Sandrine's homemade Tiramisu. I will recommend the gourmet coffee. There is a mix of some desserts which foam so if you are greedy (E), you will feast for sure! If you want to connect or share on your social networks this gourmet and rural getaway, do not look for a perfect connection on the spot. Just enjoy the moment, with family or colleagues, and take the time to do it once you're out. Whatever he says, À Table is an estaminet that deserves to take the time to stop, to ask and perhaps even to be "adopted" as in a family. And it is not the pilgrims of Sainte-Rita (great traditional pilgrimage to Curgies) who will tell you the opposite ... Virginie BORNIER