Le jardin des Floralies

Basin ,  Plants at Valenciennes

Parc VA_5 2016.JPG
  • The scent of a brushed lavender at the bend of a path, the taste of a raspberry just picked, the sound of the wind in the leaves ... Our strongest garden memories go through sensory vectors. The garden of Floralies seems particularly conducive to the pleasure of the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. This small garden is 3000 m2, and its main entrance recreated in 2014, revolves around a large fountain giving water to the statue "le Rieur" and a garden of the five senses. As its name suggests, it evokes to Valenciennes, the memory of horticultural exhibitions of yesteryear, which were held in the neighborhood. We like a lot: The smell of her scented plants in early spring. The sight of his color shades in the fall. The presence of the playground and the educational side of the garden of 5 senses for children. The opportunity to taste the tray of French fries bought in front of the entrance to the park or take the "cake of the Rieur" pastry corner, and enjoy sitting on the fountain of the same no. Let yourself be lulled by the song of the birds, the lapping of the fountain, the melody of the carillon of the St-Michel church ...