Fontaine St Landelin

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  • The Saint-Landelin Fountain
    Located at the end of Rue du Roy de Blicquy, the Saint Landelin fountain is still operational, its masonry topped with 4 rows of dressed stone and has been carefully maintained for more than a thousand years. The existence of this fountain and its accompanying legend have bequeathed us a poetic and miraculous explanation for the foundation of the Benedictine abbey around which the town and district of Crespin grew. Additionally, the presence of a chapel on the site is the result of a belief in the beneficial properties of the water. According to the legend, in 642, after having founded the abbeys of Lobbes, Aulnes and Wallers en Thiérache, Saint Landelin arrived in the Forest of Emblise to bring the word of God to the people living in these areas.