Chevalement Ledoux

Historic site and monument ,  Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  World Heritage (UNESCO) ,  Contemporary ,  Mine ,  Industrial site at Condé-sur-l'Escaut

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  • The Ledoux mine head frame (20th century)
    Just outside the walls of the fortified town of Condé-sur-l’Escaut, the mining industry produced some remarkable heritage sites. Along with the church tower, the Ledoux mine head frame is the district’s most visible monument. This distinctive structure bears witness to the town's industrial history, and provides an example of the modernisation of the coal mines which took place in the 1950s. Originally, two identical duel-wheel mine head frames provided access to the pit. The Ledoux pit closed in 1988 and during the dismantling of the site one of its mine head frames was retained for posterity and listed as a historical monument in 1992.