Censes de Sebourg

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  • The Censes of Sebourg and Sebourquiaux
    Situated in the heart of the valley of the bubbling river Aunelle, you'll find some marvellous rural heritage sites like the charming village of Sebourg, nestling on the left bank of the river. This unusual village still has much of the original character of the traditional villages of the Avesnois and Valenciennes areas. Huge farm buildings dating from the 18th and 19th century and referred to as "censes" are laid out around the church and in the small valley. Tucked away in the village, furrows, bridges, and walkways enable you to get around and to cross the Aunelle. A walk here can be full of surprises and it is by no means unusual to find yourself looking at a flour mill dating from 1785 and still working today. Two hiking trails provide an opportunity to discover the village and its hamlet.