Passager 23

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  • After a live escape game at Passenger 23 with colleagues, friends or family, no problem of everyday life will seem insurmountable! No more fights around the photocopier, the TV program or to choose the bar on Friday night! It must be said that following in the footsteps of Josephine Baker ("The Underwear of Josephine") to travel through time ("The Forbidden Experience") and help the famous Passenger 23 to free himself from his nightmares ("Journey to the center of the head "), it brings us closer!

    Medhi Riat and Fabienne Laforest created the only escape game of Valenciennes in November 2016. Cooperation, logic and reflection, this life-size escape game will put your nerves to the test. They have also won the Startup Creative Trophy. "The first escape game was born in Kyoto in 2007," says Medhi in front of the facade of this 1950s building typical of the Place d'Armes. Soap bubbles escape the first floor and intrigue passersby. "We are opening our 3rd puzzle tonight!

    Teams will play at night until the early morning! Here, we cleverly maintain the mystery, "the goal is to disconnect our visitors from everyday life, to enter into a story and to immerse themselves in a scenario. Behind this rather anonymous door, once a floor is up, we totally disconnect at the heart of a steam punk universe - imagine that the oil was not discovered and everything runs on electricity - totally off, quite dark, strange and fantastic.

    An alternative and different reality to solve together, from two players and without giving in to panic, one of the three riddles proposed in 60 minutes chrono! "Except our latest riddle" Journey to the center of the head "that offers a totally different experience and will put your senses upside down," Medhi fun! Good luck and do not forget your souvenir photo when you leave!
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    From 19 € to 35 €