Michèle Bernier

Animations ,  Comedy ,  Cultural ,  Sound and light show ,  Show at Anzin

  • "The first one who told me it was better before, I made him wash his clothes with a quack brush on the washboard, on his knees in the tub, his hands in the cold water of the wash-house, by at least ten degrees. Outside, and without Mappa gloves, it did not exist! Better to laugh "It was better before", or "Anyway, today we can do nothing" or "For our children, it will be terrible! To let oneself be carried away by the gloom, because in any case the only thing that matters is the future. This is the one we are going to live. So "Long live tomorrow! After the success of the shows "Le Démon de midi", "And not a wrinkle!", "I prefer to be friends" and "Crazy Amanda" Michèle Bernier returns alone on stage with a new show staged and co - written by his accomplice Marie Pascale Osterrieth.
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  • Adult
    40 €