Mars & Vénus 3

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  • THE MEN COME FROM MARCH AND THE WOMEN OF VENUS 3 - New show - The show, which has become a real reference, has evolved with society, and is more than ever in tune with the times. At a time when men-women relationships are questioned, dissected, even abused, Paul Dewandre proves that equality is well under way, that the couple is far from being a cheesy scheme, and that beyond the guidelines everyone's sex, everyone runs after the same thing: love! And that is precisely what the spectators are looking for. It's a fact, Paul Dewandre finds the right words and makes you want to believe it. To illustrate his words with humor, he appealed to the talent of Thierry Garcia, impersonator for 12 years at the "Guignols info". Between moving songs about the couple - from Brel to Gainsbourg via Souchon or Stromae - and amusing provocations of Gad Elmaleh, Cristina Cordula, Fabrice Lucchini or Bernard Laporte, we laugh, we take the distance, and we realize that it is because we are all different that it's worth it to love each other. #enjoytonlove What people say about it: Bright and illuminating Paul Dewandre tends a mirror in which one recognizes oneself first and then rediscovers, as a woman, as a man, as a couple. Even better, with a meticulous description and without caricature, it adds a user manual that will gently defuse a thousand bombs everyday. You will laugh a lot, and debrief more! Do not miss I thought to see one of these shows that align the clichés on the woman shopping and the man foot but it is a study of the much finer couple that is presented to us. And much more funny. A breath of fresh air It feels good in this everyday life that hurts us, often. We can learn every day and Paul Dewandre is a very good teacher. As for Thierry Garcia, his imitations are great.
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  • Adult
    35 €
  • On January 30, 2020 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM