Your guide to nightlife in Valenciennes

Dancing, tasting, mixing, savouring, meeting... And you - what would your ideal night out be like ?

Try beers from the Nord department, have nibbles with friends, dance the night away, have a unique experience...?

Our tips for a memorable night in Valenciennes!


You can go all night...

In the Valenciennes area, we love sharing and entertaining. More generally, we love to party, it’s true... The tradition of hospitality amongst the people of the Nord department certainly isn’t lacking here, and we can prove it to you with several recommendations gathered over the course of our many crazy sleepless nights.

Try beers from the Nord department (and maybe a couple of Belgian ones...)

Beer is a real tradition in the Nord department! We love it (but we’re not the biggest consumers of beer in France!), and most importantly... we brew it! If Belgian beers have long been the queens of pre-dinner drinks, it’s clear that our local beers have once more found a prominent place in the cafés. What would you like... They’re the best ones, after all!

And so, to discover them, head to these great spots:

  • Le beerspot
  • Une bière à l’amer
  • Au fût et à mesure

Nibbles with friends

If you love cheese and charcuterie, we’ve got some great places for you... In Valenciennes, and in the Nord department more generally, there are as many bons vivants and lovers of good food as there are bricks. By the way, did you know that Valenciennes is sandwiched between two regional natural parks (Scarpe Escaut and Avesnois), and is situated a few kilometres away from the cows who produce Maroilles, the finest of all the strong cheeses?  

These cheeses and this good charcuterie can be found on the boards of many bars in Valenciennes. They are generally go well with a good beer (the subtle pairing of beer and cheese is an art!), but also with good wines. Time for some more top tips! Try:

  • L’un des sens
  • Au petit béret
  • Le tandem
  • L'Atypic

Dance the night away

Still up? Fancy staying out longer? Valenciennes has several very nice places where you can exercise your dancing feet...

Are you more into current hits and pop music? Head to the area around the station, and more specifically to the Cuba Bar. Here, every Wednesday night is free salsa lesson night, and Thursday night is free rock lesson night... You’ll be at the top of your game!

Are you more of a rock fan? Head for the Rue de Mons... Stop off at the Liverpool first, with its guaranteed hardcore, beer-swilling atmosphere, then go a little further towards the Place Poterne to the Little Rock where the choice of beers is remarkable, just like the building and the various games available to you.

How about something a bit more peaceful? Try Jules & Madeleine au Clair de Lune Follow their calendar of events because we always end up having lovely encounters there in a magical setting that takes us right back to our childhoods.

3 unique experiences !

1 / Drink absinthe at Le Camel à Léon

2 / Try one of the cocktails at Zakapa

3 / Play a game at BazinGame

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