Walking tour "promenade des arts"

Two light-filled routes cross the city centre from east to west and from north to south, their central point being the majestic Place d’Armes. They enable you to discover Valenciennes’ artistic and architectural heritage by night.

La promenade des Arts is one of these light-filled routes ; Its objective is to promote art in town, showing off the statues that punctuate the route via a series of projections that seem to breathe new life into them after dark. For its whole length, the walk is punctuated by a succession of blue lanterns, suspended or mounted, installed at each intersection. Made of blown glass within a metal framework.

This 1,100-metre walk stretches from west to east. It links two major cultural institutions, both of them contributors to the town’s artistic standing: the Conservatoire Rue Ferrand with the École Nationale de Musique et d’Arts Dramatiques and the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rue des Incas.