Sculptures in the Parc de la Rhônelle

Enjoy a combination of art and green space in the Parc de la Rhônelle !

Multiple stone or bronze sculptures, all of which are easy to find, decorate this 5-hectare English-style garden; The sensuality of La faunesse (The Nymph)by Vendémiaire Pavot, whose patina goes well with that of the verdigris of the tree trunks.

Caïn Jaloux (Jealous Cain), by Paul Theusissen, lost in a daydream, just like l’Orphelin (The Orphan)by Alphonse Terroir on his solitary rock...

Le joueur de billes (Boy Playing with Marbles)by Élie Raset, still possesses the fine sensitivity with which the sculptor would have seen him, while Le charpentier (The Carpenter), by René André Duparcq, proudly dominates the garden, leaning firmly on his piece of wood.

In the maze of paths that make up the ‘open air museum’ that is the Parc de la Rhônelle, the river of the same name flows, cool and fresh.