Arena sport center

Multisport complex a stone's throw from downtown

Since the World Cup, who wouldn't be a football fan ?

Ask your children who are Mbappé and Griezmann, I think they are a little like mine, these are his new idols.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Arena Sport Center, a sporting moment for football lovers.

First "Bubble Foot" session with the charming junior VAFC players. The first steps are chaotic, beautiful bouncing falls, and a lot of laughs! We were impressed by the girls and their ball skills for their age, real budding artists on the field. Capu-Cine and Angela were lovely with Axel, we had a great time!

Second session, direction the mini field, let's go for the game! The boys sweated well, congratulations girls! We are all winners of this moment of sharing, between laughs, dribbles, passes, goals, a beautiful exchange between passion-born. The Arena offers several activities related to football, in all its forms, but not that, you can also play badminton, laser tag. A space that promises you fun, atmosphere, sport, everything you need to have fun!

Ines, Jeff and Axel, les Millet du 62