Shopping in the rue de Famars

The fashion street

THE essential street of Valenciennes to satisfy his passion for shopping.

Stroll along Rue de Famars

The rue de Famars is THE unmissable street for window shopping in Valenciennes. On the one hand because it's pedestrianised and very cute, considered the most beautiful street in Valenciennes (beautiful old facades, bricks and wood that call to mind the streets of Vieux Lille), and on the other because it's bursting with must-visit adresses.

Of course, you'll find some chain stores like MANGO or NAF NAF (always nice, you might be saying) but mostly you'll seelots of concept stores and lesser-known brands.

Beautiful encounters in perspective


Go along the street a little and you'll come across La Fée Meringue. Stop for a snack break and try a Merveilleux, a delicious little cream- and meringue-based cake. If you're not feeling particularly hungry, at least take the time to admire the old facade of the building and especially its pretty wooden sign with the text painted directly onto it. As vintage as can be !

Just across the street, you have L'HP. Not the sauce, but the initials of Hôtel Particulier. A former town house, as its French  name indicates, it's now a very charming restaurant. I don't know what its culinary offerings are like (if you go there, let me know what you think) but the decor is beautiful. I should at least have stopped for a drink, but I had a train to catch !


Manon Ledet, blog Made in Faro