The markets

At Valenciennes’ numerous markets, scents and colours will awaken your senses.

Valenciennes Market, Place Verte

I don’t know about you, but for me the marketplace is sacred! Especially on Saturday mornings. I don’t know why, but it’s always been a weekend habit of mine. Back in the day, I used to go with my parents to get things for the weekly shop, then later on, during my years in Lille, I used to go to do my shopping cheaply by buying from local producers, all while taking a walk and finishing with a drink in the outdoor seating area with friends. Going to market has always been a source of relaxation and friendliness.

When I was very small, my grandparents (pork butchers) also sold their wares at market and whenever I went to see them, I had my habits: the little piece of garlic sausage, followed by a drink in the outdoor seating area (even back then...) and a little treat bought from the baker’s stall. These are the memories that, to this day, make me love markets.

But you have to face the facts: markets just aren’t what they used to be... There aren’t as many craftspeople as before, there are lots of impersonal stalls all selling the same things, they’ve lost their charm and that’s a real shame... At least, that charm is becoming rare.

The residents of Valenciennes are still lucky enough to be able to enjoy a quality market in a wonderful location which adds quite a bit of charm to a Saturday morning walk: located opposite the Musée des Beaux-Arts, blessed with a green square and a little bandstand where music is played and, of course, a lovely outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your little piece of sausage as you sip your drink. What more could you ask for?

Manon Ledet, Made in Faro blog


The markets of Valenciennes area


Agricultural Market

Local producers

Tuesday afternoon

Cour de La Gentilhommière


Food market

Tuesday morning 100 exhibitors and Friday morning 200 exhibitors

Place Roger Salengro


Food market

Sunday morning 30 exhibitors

Place de la Paix



Food market

Thursday and Sunday morning

100 exhibitors

Place de Bruay

Place de Bruay/Thiers


Food market

Saturday morning

50 exhibitors

Local producers market

Last Thursday of the month from 18h

Place Pierre Delcourt

Place verte



Base de loisirs Chabaud-Latour


Food market

Sunday morning

4-5 exhibitors

Place Belle Vue



Food market

Tuesday morning

4-5 exhibitors

Place des Déportés



Food market

Tuesday morning

Place Paul Vaillant Couturier



Oson Markets

(local products)

25-35 exhibitors

In spring, autumn and winter

Place de la République



Food market

Wednesday morning

5-7 exhibitors

Place Pierre Cuvelier



Food market

Sunday morning

6-7 exhibitors

Place Gabrielle Péri


Food market

Monday morning

50 exhibitors

Place Pasteur




Flavor Market

Craftsmen & local producers

Every Friday afternoon

Place J.Bacq

(devant l’école)


Food market

Thursday morning

100 exhibitors

Place de la Mairie



Food market

Tuesday morning

20 exhibitors

Avenue Charles de Gaulle










Food market


Wednesday morning 150 exhibitors and Saturday morning 150 exhibitors

Organic Market

1st Sunday of the month from 9h to 13h


Farmer's market

3rd Sunday of the month


Food market

Thursday Afternoon 30 exhibitors


Market of Provinces of France

in March and in September


Market sellers

in April and in September


Flower Market in May


Saturday Art & Vintage

Every first 2 Saturdays of the month from 11h to 18h from June to October

Place Verte (derrière le musée de Beaux-Arts)

Place Saint-Nicolas


Place de la barre


Place Taffin




Place d’Armes



Chez les commerçants signalés – centre-ville


Place d’Armes


Place St Nicolas


Food market

Monday morning 25 exhibitors


Rue Dervaux