Parcours des Chalands

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  • The path of the bystander

    Have you ever experienced the nocturnal voyage in Valenciennes ? At nightfall, the city shines and is filled with glimmer. It metamorphoses under the spectators’eyes.

    Beyond the highlight of its historical sites, the city had set two original nocturnal tours wich combinate the local ressources and talents and that confer a single and special identity to the local urban space while enhancing the interest in promoting the artistic tradition of the city.

    By taking the Famars street on more than 700 meters , the path of the bystander highlights symbolic architectural details of one of the most ancient and the main shopping street of the city. You will be surprised to discover projections of fragments of works from the Beaux-Arts museum of the city.

    Since the 2016 summer, Valenciennes Tourism & Congress will guide you through the discover Tour “ Path of the bystander”. Tour and services to discover in the Calendar section.

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