My event in Valenciennes

Conferences, seminars, team building... The Valenciennes region is THE new original destination with unexpected advantages !

Why choose the Valenciennes region?

Conferences, meetings, seminars, birthdays and anniversaries, ceremonies, team building, ... Whether you want to form links within your business, send an important message or strengthen the cohesion of your teams, the Valenciennes region is THE new original destination with unexpected advantages:

  • Creative: 1 theatre which has been awarded the ‘scène nationale’ (national stage) label and 1 national street performance centre, Rubika, Wallers Créative Mine, school of art and design, university, digital incubator, technology park with a focus on innovative transport...
  • Sparkling: three 4-star hotels, a casino, a fine arts museum, two Michelin-starred restaurants, a state-of-the-art convention and exhibition centre, a golf course, a 25,000-seater stadium...
  • Surprising: climb a UNESCO-listed slag heap, sample some Lucullus, discover the secrets of beerology, meander through the streets in search of the treasures of the Athens of the North...

Understanding you

Each of the organised events has an objective: forming links within your business, conveying a message or developing your creativity, rewarding your team... After meeting and listening to you, our team will send you a proposal with a possible plan for your event. The goal: to allow you to achieve your initial objective as best you can while respecting all your constraints.

  • Forming links? What could be better than role-play exercises to strengthen the links that bind the members of your teams together? Fun, original and with practical applications, our team-building exercises will help you strengthen the human relationships that are so important to any business.
  • Conveying a message? Do you feel like the changing the format of your seminars and meetings? In the Valenciennes area, you’ll find a variety of places that will allow you to optimise the time you spend working collectively: connected, equipped,
  • Rewarding your team? Has the past year allowed you to accomplish your goals? Does this year mark a special moment in the history of your company? Valenciennes Tourisme & Congrès will help you amaze your colleagues thanks to remarkable places that can be transformed just for you...

Taking care of you from beginning to end

Our network of professionals gathered in our Bureau des Congrès (Convention Bureau) will be able to help you organise your event and to make it a special occasion that your colleagues will remember.

To book, be welcomed at the station, be spoilt, be guided, be entertained, be amazed, let yourself be tempted by our services. They make us an indispensable partner and will enable you to have at your disposal a high-quality organisation and reception service:

Welcoming your guests all over the area, having the same representative work with you from the preparation of your event until the event itself and the debriefing afterwards, managing unforeseen issues and making sure everyone in the area plays their role so that everything runs smoothly...

Bureau des Congrès

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